Wild Writings

Once again I started this site with the best of intentions.

My plan was to attempt to put up a new drawing, or a new piece of writing, or at least some sort of update, on a weekly basis.

Unfortunately exams got in the way at first, needing much revision and stress and gnashing of teeth. Then after the great exam beast had been defeated, I needed time to heal my wounds and bury my dead.

Then I decided to take a break, and started playing Wildstar… this may have been a mistake. A fatal error in judgement. It has sapped away at my time on a daily basis, like a hungry leech. A leech that I am ever more willing to feed. It really is pretty good. Yeh, it does look a lot like World of Warcraft (with added spaceyness) but it has a lot twists to the gameplay that I have been really enjoying. If you like MMO’s, and/or you like WoW, then I’d say give it a go.


Back on topic though, I have at least been working on revisions to one of my short stories. I originally submitted it as a coursework assignment, and have now gone back to it (along with the tutors notes) to improve it and make it what I wanted it to be, if I hadn’t had that pesky word limit to worry about. Unfortunately between Wildstar, Hitman (dont ask) and my own crazy brand of perfectionism, the story has undergone more edits than I planned. It’s become a bit of a “thing”.

However I’m determined to finish it, or at least a decent draft of it, so I can post it up here for people to read, should they wish.

aaaaand… thats it for today! Take care, see you soon, etc, bye, go away.

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  1. Well, you’re better at keeping up with your site than I am (though I’m not sure how much comfort that is to you, considering I don’t have a single post haha)

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