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Well this here would be the test-entry for my new website, and so I guess this is the first news-slash-blog post. In theory I should attempt to make it interesting and worthwhile, perhaps solve some mysteries of the universe and blow your minds… but seeing as only a handful of people will ever read this, I think perhaps I’ll just talk shit for a couple of paragraphs, and save the universe for myself. You’d only get it dirty. Savages.

The site has been resurrected, and this time I did myself a favour and avoided making things far more complicated than they needed to be. True, maybe theres things I’d rather were done a different way, but spending weeks to get one little thing working…. no. Not this time.

Though I expect the layout and colour scheme will still change many times since the time of this post being uploaded into the ether. (-net).

It all reminds me of the character creation screens on RPGs. This is your character, your avatar, your link to the fantasy world for the next hundred hours of your “life” (‘cos clearly I need a life). You want it to look good, be stylish, with a name you can look back on as original and clever; things that generally cannot be changed once you have clicked the ‘OK’.

This generally leads me into hours of indecision, and very little actual play-time…. aaand much the same thing happened with this site. The first time, anyway.

This, is why I failed.

Fortunately though, I have control over EVERYTHING (insert maniacal laugh) on the site, so I can change things at a whim.

Unfortunately, I *did* have to choose a name, at least temporarily which needs to stick (for a while anyway). So Scrivlings was born, screaming and crying, a newborn babe dripping with mucus and placental… but I digress. 

Someday the name may change, as domains are cheap and my mind is fickle. Who knows.

We shall see. For this is my universe, and I shall create it however I wish.

Amid much indecision.

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