Tried my first SSRI…

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So this weekend was my first attempt with the SSRI Sertraline… and it did not go well. After reading up on it, and seeing that it caused a lot of people to feel drowsy, I thought it would be a good idea to take it before bed. If I got drowsy, then all the better to help me sleep through any other side effects, right?

Yeh. No.

I managed to fall asleep without too much trouble, but then I woke up an hour later feeling truely awful. I felt extremely hot (This is England, in Winter, and I had a window open a crack – it was not even warm), I was sweating all over, and my legs and occasionally my whole body was trembling and shaking and shivering uncontrollably. I can only imagine it was the worst panic attack I have had in a long, long time… but seeing as I was asleep when it started, it must have been at least in part side-effect related. I was in bed awake, exhausted and yawning and shaking, with a whirling mind, for over 3 hours before I finally managed to get back to sleep for another couple of hours.

It was highly unpleasant. And this was on a dose of about 12.5mg. The smallest tablet size they make is 50mg, which I broke into quarters in an effort to wean my way onto the drug. Turns out weaning didn’t do me much good!

So yeh, I’ll be leaving those for a couple days, and starting again on my next few days off. And next time, I’ll take it in the morning. Fingers crossed.

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