New Year, Resolute

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Well the new year turned up yet again, predictable bore that she is, and as such people are resolving to do things. Getting fit, saving money, sorting out their lives, things of that ilk.

In an effort to not appear like a contradictory curmudgean, I thought I may as well join in and make my own list of resolutions. And so:

– Finish a writing piece (as in finish to completion, not just get to an end and then leave it)

– Get this site updated on a regular basis, and actually stick with it, oh my god, why can’t I seem to ever manage this, what’s wrong with me.

– Not to be totally unoriginal, but getting fit is going on this list. Both physically and mentally, I have a lot of improvements that need to happen. Beating anxiety comes under this too. This is a pretty big one. Hur.

There. Happy now? I’m normal, just like the rest of you hoomans. Not at all broken.

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