New Year, Resolute

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Well the new year turned up yet again, predictable bore that she is, and as such people are resolving to do things. Getting fit, saving money, sorting out their lives, things of that ilk. In an effort to not appear like a contradictory curmudgean, I thought I may as well join in and make my […]

Camping it up.

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I dunno why I thought that title was funny. Well I do, but I don’t know why I insisted on using it. Anyway, I am currently doing Camp Nanowrimo. For those who don’t know, NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writers Month) is an annual online event. For writing novels. In november. Basically you sign up and everyone […]

Wild Writings

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Once again I started this site with the best of intentions. My plan was to attempt to put up a new drawing, or a new piece of writing, or at least some sort of update, on a weekly basis. Unfortunately exams got in the way at first, needing much revision and stress and gnashing of […]

Website, Reloaded.

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Well this here would be the test-entry for my new website, and so I guess this is the first news-slash-blog post. In theory I should attempt to make it interesting and worthwhile, perhaps solve some mysteries of the universe and blow your minds… but seeing as only a handful of people will ever read this, […]